Established in 1951

Audit & Assurance Services

Audit & Assurance Services

Trusted Expertise for Over Seven Decades

Explore Dafria and Co’s comprehensive Audit & Assurance services, offering top-notch expertise in statutory audits, tax audits, due diligence, and more since 1951.

Dafria and Co's Audit & Assurance Services - Trusted Expertise for Over Seven Decades

Introduction: At Dafria and Co, our experienced chartered accountants have been providing businesses with unparalleled Audit & Assurance services since 1951. Our wide range of services includes statutory audits, tax audits, concurrent audits, due diligence, agreed-upon procedures, and certifications. In this page, we delve into our Audit & Assurance offerings and discuss how our seasoned professionals can support your business in navigating the complex financial landscape.

Our Comprehensive Audit & Assurance Services

  1. Statutory Audits Our team conducts thorough statutory audits in compliance with the Companies Act 2013 and the Banking Regulation Act, 1949. We ensure adherence to legal requirements while providing a transparent and accurate representation of your financial position.
  2. Tax Audits We perform tax audits as per Section 44AB of the Income Tax Act, 1961, identifying tax efficiencies and ensuring accurate reporting of taxable income, deductions, and tax liabilities.
  3. Concurrent Audits Our concurrent audit services help you identify and rectify discrepancies in real-time, ensuring robust internal controls and compliance with regulatory requirements.
  4. Due Diligence We offer comprehensive due diligence services, assisting you in making informed decisions during mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, or other business transactions. Our meticulous financial, legal, and operational reviews provide a clear understanding of risks and rewards, enabling you to move forward with confidence.
  5. Agreed Upon Procedures Our experts conduct agreed-upon procedure assignments, reporting factual findings based on specific procedures tailored to your requirements. These customized services help you gain insights and assurance in select areas of your business.
  6. Certifications Our team provides reliable certification services, ensuring the accuracy and compliance of financial statements, accounting records, and other relevant documents.

Additional Services:

  • Translation of Indian GAAP Financials to IND AS/IFRS
  • IPO/QIP/ADR/GDR Support Services
  • Compilation Services
  • Interim Financial Reporting
  • Advisory Services
  • Opinions on interpretational matters – On Company Law and Accounting Standard/IND AS
  • Special Audits on behalf of Regulatory Authorities like Income Tax & Service Tax Department or Financial Institutions or Banks


For over seven decades, Dafria and Co has been providing businesses with expert Audit & Assurance services, helping them navigate the complex financial landscape with confidence. Our seasoned professionals are dedicated to delivering thorough, accurate, and reliable services that meet your unique needs. Trust Dafria and Co for all your Audit & Assurance requirements, and experience the peace of mind that comes with partnering with a firm that has a long-standing reputation for excellence.