Established in 1951

Our Experience

We have had the privilege of offering our professional services to a wide range of clients, including government entities, public sector undertakings, corporate sector organizations, and educational institutions. Below is a summary of some of the significant assignments we have undertaken.

State Government Audits

Our firm has conducted statutory audits and concurrent audits for various state government education initiatives across multiple districts. We have also provided management consultancy services to these entities.

State Government Undertakings

We have worked with numerous government undertakings, performing statutory audits, internal audits, and stock audits in different sectors such as employment & training, civil supplies, warehousing & logistics, agro industries, and agriculture.

Public Sector Undertakings (Government of India)

Our experience with public sector undertakings spans across various industries, including insurance, banking, and co-operative banks. We have performed statutory audits, concurrent audits, revenue audits, computer system audits, and credit audits for these organizations.

Educational Institutions

We have been engaged in statutory audits, concurrent audits, and investment audits for several prestigious educational institutions, including high schools and colleges.

Corporate Sector

Our firm has a long history of working with various listed and unlisted companies, providing services such as statutory audits, internal audits, auditing and consulting, investment audits, and management consultancy. We have worked with organizations in diverse industries, including chemicals, manufacturing, food and beverages, automotive, and telecommunications.

In addition to the above, we have also provided professional services such as data entry of mutual funds and insurance, physical asset verification, tax-related work, and merger & acquisition services to various private organizations and institutions.

Our dedication to providing exceptional services to our clients is demonstrated by the wide range of industries and sectors we have worked with over the years.