Established in 1951

Management Consultancy Services at Dafria & Co

Management Consultancy Services at Dafria & Co

Trusted Chartered Accountant Firm Since 1951

At Dafria & Co, we have been providing top-notch chartered accountant services since 1951. Our management consultancy services are designed to help businesses and organizations thrive in today’s competitive market. We offer a comprehensive suite of services to support our clients in various aspects of their business, from subsidy consulting to business valuations. Our team of experienced professionals is well-versed in the SEBI Act, RBI Act, and MOF guidelines, ensuring compliance and reliability.

Our Management Consultancy Services include::

  1. Subsidy Consulting: Our subsidy consulting services provide a clear understanding of various government subsidies available. We assist clients in identifying and securing these subsidies to support their business growth and financial stability.
  2. Project Finance: We offer fund arrangement support for new or existing projects. Our services include the preparation of economic feasibility reports, project appraisals, and finance arrangements. We also support clients with working capital finance proposals, liaising with banks and financial institutions.
  3. Business Advisory: Our business advisory services cover a wide range of strategic and operational matters, including company incorporation, licenses, and independent analysis and evaluation of financial and commercial information.
  4. Business Valuation: Dafria & Co’s team of experts conducts thorough business valuations, taking into account various factors such as market conditions, growth potential, and financial performance. Our valuations help clients make informed decisions during transactions, acquisitions, and divestments.
  5. Business Process Improvement: We analyze and optimize our clients’ business processes to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance overall performance. Our services include vendor eco-system and SLA review, as well as the preparation of checklists for invoice verification.
  6. Contract Life Cycle Management: Our contract life cycle management services help clients navigate the complexities of various contractual agreements. We provide assistance in identifying contract warranties, interfacing with purchasers and their accounting advisors, and challenging due diligence findings.
  7. KPI Management: We assist clients in establishing and managing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure and improve business performance. Our KPI management services enable clients to track their progress, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions.


With decades of experience in the industry, Dafria & Co is committed to providing efficient, reliable, and tailored management consultancy services to meet the unique needs of each client. Whether you are a start-up or an established business, we are here to support your growth and success. Reach out to us today and let our team of experts help you navigate the complexities of the business world.