Established in 1951

Quality Control and Peer Review

Dafria & Co., a Chartered Accountant firm, maintains the highest standards of quality control for audit work with reference to audit assurance standards and accounting standards.

Commitment to Quality Control at Dafria & Co.

Dafria & Co. takes great pride in maintaining the highest standards of quality control in our audit work, in line with audit assurance standards and accounting standards. The firm has obtained a Peer Review Certificate from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). We strictly adhere to the Statement of Auditing Standards (SAS) 240 on Quality Control for Audit Work to ensure excellence in all our services.


Our quality control process begins with conducting an in-depth study of each client’s business before starting any professional assignment. This study enables us to identify significant events, transactions, and practices that impact the client’s financial information. Every audit is initiated by a partner who evaluates internal controls and accounting procedures, formulates a detailed audit program, and assigns responsibilities to competent assistants.


The audit program is regularly reviewed and modified to accommodate developments during the audit. We maintain a checklist to ensure compliance with all Accounting Standards (AS) and Standards on Auditing (SA), addressing any deficiencies that may arise.


The partner supervises and reviews the work to provide reasonable assurance of its quality. Another partner conducts an overall review of the findings, which includes an analytical study of the balance sheet, seeking explanations from the management, and documenting reasons for any dropped qualifications.


We communicate proposed qualifications to the management and obtain their responses before reporting the qualifications. Dafria & Co. is committed to adhering to time budgets, ensuring timely completion of all assignments.

Our quality control policies and procedures encompass the following elements:

Independence, Integrity, and Objectivity

Personnel Management

Acceptance and Continuance of Clients and Engagements

Engagement Performance



At Dafria & Co., our dedication to quality control reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional audit and assurance services that meet the highest professional standards